Georgia is perfectly designed for the ultimate adventure holiday!


Although only 69,000 sq. km, Georgia’s biodiversity is immense: subtropical marshes, semideserts, lofty alpine meadows and mighty snow-covered peaks can all be found within a hundred kilometers of each other.


The nature of Georgia offers an incredible variety of landscapes, flora and fauna. Georgia is situated on the Black Sea coast between the mountain ranges of the Greater Caucasus in the north and the Lesser Caucasus in the south. Mountains occupy two thirds of Georgia’s land area. In the west of the country lies the Colchis lowland. Eastern Georgia has fertile plains in the historical areas of Imeretia, Kartli and Kakhetia.


Georgia’s natural environment is one of the most special in the world. Geologically its’ surface is more diverse, than that of much larger countries and the stunning landscape ranks among the world’s top twelve. In a mere 69,000 square kilometers you can find 5000 meter-plus peaks; glaciers; alpine meadows; sub-tropical coastline; high desert; semi-desert; fertile valleys; wetlands and of course a large swathes of virgin forest.


The rich natural resources found in Georgia are exceptional. National parks and protected areas cover more than 7% of Georgia. 75% of the all protected areas are covered with woods. There are 14 national reserves, 9 national parks, 17 suppressed, 14 natural monuments and 2 protected landscapes in Georgia.


  • With so many fabulous mountains, countryside and well established paths, Georgia is a perfect place for trekking and climbing.
  • Georgia is full of wild, fast flowing rivers, fed from glaciers in the surrounding mountains, as the water races from its 5,000 meter peaks to the sea in just a short distance.
  • Georgia and especially its Western part contain an amazing array of cave systems, from underground rivers and lakes to enormous caverns and limestone scenery.
  • Over seven hundred mineral and thermal springs as well as deposits of therapeutic mud are located in Georgia. These resources facilitate many popular balneotherapy resorts, most of which are situated among the breathtaking nature of Georgia.


Because Georgia is a compact and diverse country, there is a very small distance between completely contrasting landscapes. All can be seen within a day or so, when travelling by 4x4 vehicle: deserts, sea, subtropics, tea plantations and high mountains.