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Ancient wine vessels made of clay, bronze and silver; gold cups for wine; wine barrels dated to 3rd millennium BC; and vine seeds found in the ancient tombs of the Bronze age all leave a continuous story of the history of Georgian wine.


Georgians are rightly  proud of their rich and historic winemaking culture, and as traditional methods enjoy a renaissance, the QVEVRI - an earthenware vessel used to store and age wine for thousands of years - is becoming the unofficial symbol of the country. There are over 500 indigenous species of grape (most used for wine) in Georgia, far more than anywhere else, most of them still completely unknown to the rest of the world.




Day 1 arrival in Tbilisi


Arrival in Tbilisi, Transfer to hotel. Rest


Day 2 Tbilisi (warm city) - capital of Georgia


Discover Tbilisi, more than 1500 years old city, in all its historical and architectural diversity.

Main sights:

  • Metekhi fortress, Abanotubani - famous sulphur bathhouses. Narikhala fortress, the main citadel of the Tbilisi with the superb panoramic view of the city. Meidani, Sioni Cathedral, Antchiskhati Church (6-th c), the oldest basilica in Tbilisi.
  • Tasting Georgian wines and cheeses

Evening in a Georgian restaurant with a folk concert will slightly open the curtain in your knowledge of Georgian cuisine


Day 3 - kakheti - wine cellar of Georgia

Kakheti is the main region of Georgian winemaking. Vineyards that give some of the country’s best wines are located in the basins of Alazani and Iori rivers,


Main Sights:

  • Telavi - capital of Kakhetian Kingdom, Batonistsikhe citadel and 900 years old giant plane tree,
  • Marani – Traditional Georgian wine cellar and vineyard. Meeting the 8 000 year old winemaking process seasonally you have opportunities to take part in the vintage and winemaking process ( middle August- September )
  • City of Kvareli, Kvareli fortress
  • Kvareli tunnel – wine cellar in the tunnel of Caucasus mountain - acquaintance and tasting of Georgian ( Kvevri) wine (The fertile valleys and protective slopes of the Transcaucasia were home to grapevine cultivation and neolithic wine production for at least 8000 years)

Touching of traditional Georgia table “Supra”

Overnight in Kvareli


Day 4 Following wine rout of Kakheti


Museum of wine and winemaking

  • Sighnaghi city tour - Defensive wall surrounding Sighnaghi; Historical-Ethnographic Museum; Carpets’ House;
  • Ethnographical yard and museum

Overnight in Tbilisi


Day 5 - Wines of Kartli


Kartli - another winemaking region, which is well-known for its high-quality classical European-type and sparkling wines


Main Sights

  • Mtsketa ancient capital of Georgia. Svetitskhoveli Cathedral and Jvari Monastery (VII- VIII c) - UNESCO World Heritage Sites;
  • Armazi fortress (4 rd c BC – VIII AD ); and ancient wine Cellar ( 1-3 AD)
  • Chateau Mukhrani – castle and wine caller of Princes of Mukhrani Ivane Mukhranbatoni , testing Kartlian wines

Overnight in Kutaisi


Day 6 West Georgia – Imereti


Imereti is one of the most diverse regions in terms of winemaking. Its many climatic zones have various soil compositions, which make the varieties of wines produced here very different from each other.


Main Sights

  • Kutaisi city tour "Okros Chardakhi" – Georgian Kings’ Palace;
  • Bagrati Cathedral (XXI c) UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Gelati Complex - Main cultural and intellectual centers in Georgia for a long period; UNESCO World Heritage Site;
  • Tasting of Imeretian wines in “Satsnakheli”

Overnight in Kutaisi


Day 7 Amazing mountain winery region – Racha - Lechkhumi


Racha-Lechkhumi region stands out for its small territory and rare, unique varieties of vines. 60 endemic grape varieties are derived from the ancient period. Locals still keep archaic winemaking methods described in ancient Roman and Greek sources

Main Sights

  • Shaori Lake
  • Nikortsminda Cathedral ( XI AD)
  • Barakoni (XVIII AD)
  • Khvanchkara microzone and Khvanchkara Winery ( formed the Cellar of Prince Kipiani ) – testing of wines of Khvanchkara area,
  • See amazing landscape of the mountain Racha-Lechkhumi.


Overnights in Ambrolauri


Day 8 –Adjara – next winemaking region of Georgia


Adjara is a parts of Black Sea coast region, where the vineyards grow as low as 2-4 meters above sea level, reaching 500 meters in some places.


Main Sights

  • Batumi old and new boulevards - famous Seaside Park; Dolphinarium
  • Gonio fortress is a Roman fortification in Adjara.
  • Sarpi is a border village on the coast of the Black Sea, on the border between Turkey and Georgia

Overnight in Batumi


Day 9 - Adjarian wine house


  • in Adjara mountains, in the midst of unique nature, we will visit a multi-functional "Adjarian Wine House" surrounded by vineyards, having Georgian restaurant, wine factory, enotheque, wine cellar with Qvevri and wine tasting halls.

Overnight in Batumi


Day 10– back to Tbilisi


Day 11– Tbilisi - From the medieval city to the bourgeois


Main Sights:

  • Open Air Museum of Ethnography - displaying the examples of folk architecture and craftwork from various regions of the country
  • Visit to Sarajishvili brandy factory.
  • Wine house
  • Dry Bridge flea market

Overnight in Tbilisi


Day 12– Tbilisi departure

Transfer to Tbilisi international airport for departure


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