Nutsubidze st. 75, Tbilisi, Georgia
Nutsubidze st. 75, Tbilisi, Georgia

Combination of uniqueness and diversity - an amazing cluster of cultures, religions, fascinating landscapes and ancient history. The country where everyone can find something to his liking:  Although the small country, you can find here snowy peaks of Caucasian mountains and subtropical black sea coastline, curative climate and spa resorts, national parks and UNESCO heritage sites, ancient history and diverse cultures and traditions, reach wine culture and delicious cuisine  and... our world-famous Georgian hospitality.

1. In Georgia it is believed that the guest is from God

The Georgians believe that the visitor is from God, and the first thing everyone sees is the amazing open and warm attitude of the locals, wherever you go. An Unusual Phenomenon of Georgian Hospitality - Georgian table, it is not only food intake but a relationship that can last for several hours. Georgian Table – The  abundance and variety of delicious Georgian dishes, accompanied by Georgian wine, led by the toastmaster, a person who offers toasts to the table members and ensures that all members of the table enjoy the relationship.


2. Georgia is cradle of wine 

Georgia is the birthplace of wine.  More than 8000 years old grape seeds were discovered in clay vessels (Qvevri), indicating on highly developed viticulture in Georgia.  

there are over 500 indigenous species of grape (most used for wine) far more than anywhere else, most of them still completely unknown to the rest of the world. 

Today most wine is still produced in exactly the same way it was long ago. Grapes are placed in large earthenware vessels called ‘qvevri,’. These special wine vaults are then sealed and left to ferment for three or four months. The result is a tannin and vitamin-rich wine, completely organic and distinctively flavorful.  


3. At the Crossroads of Europe and Asia 


A mix of these two continents and their diversity can be seen in the culture, traditions and architectural heritage of Georgia. Located on the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Georgia attracted the greatest interest of the big empires, like Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Ottoman Empire, Persian Empire, Russia Empire. under the influence of all these civilizations, and adapting  of one into the native cultural and traditional lifestyle, Georgian preserved and enriched authentic and unique cultural heritage, which can be seen in culture, traditions and architecture of Georgia 


4. First Europeans  


Remains of a 1.8 million year old hominid were discovered in Georgia, Dmanisi. They are the oldest links to modern man found outside Africa.


5. One of the oldest  kingdom in Europe 


The proto-Georgian tribes first appear in written history in the 12th century BC. Archaeological finds and references in ancient sources reveal elements of early political and state formations characterized by advanced metallurgy and goldsmith techniques that date back to the 7th century BC and beyond. 

The classic period saw the rise of the early Georgian states Diauehi (XIII BC) of Colchis (IX- XIII BC), of Sper (VII BC) and of Iberia (VI BC). In the 4th century BC a unified kingdom of Georgia – an early example of advanced state organization under one king and an aristocratic hierarchy – was established. 


6. Location of the Golden Fleece 


In Greek mythology, Colchis (west Georgia) was the location of the Golden Fleece (fleece of the gold-hair winged ram). The first European "tourists", the Argonauts, came to Georgia to search for the legendary Golden Fleece, sometime before 1000 BC. It is thought that the Golden Fleece may refer to the practice of using sheep’s’ hides to pan for gold in Georgia’s mountain rivers, a practice still known to this day. The incorporation of the Golden Fleece into the myth may have derived from the local practice of using fleeces to sift gold dust from rivers.  At this time Georgia was well known for its metal skill, linens, wine and herbal remedies.  


7. Part of the UNESCO Cultural Heritage 

There are different sites in Georgia, included in UNESCO cultural heritage list 

  1. Gelati monastery XII c
  2. Bagrati cathedral X-XI cc
  3. Svetitskhoveli cathedral XI c
  4. Jvari holy cross church VI-VII cc
  5. Upper Svaneti 

And no trip to Georgia would be complete without the spectacular sound and vision of the world-renowned polyphonic singing and traditional dancing, described by UNESCO as a “masterpiece of the world’s intangible cultural heritage”


8. One of the oldest Christian countries, place of location of Jesus’ robe

Georgia was one of the first countries in the world to officially adopt Christianity, in 337 AD.  This is a nation where a long tradition of religious tolerance unites people instead of dividing them.  

According to Georgian hagiography, in the 1st century AD a Georgian Jew from Mtskheta named Elias was in Jerusalem when Jesus was crucified. Elias bought Jesus’ robe from a Roman soldier at Golgotha and brought it back to Georgia. Returning to his native city, he was met by his sister, who upon touching the robe immediately died from the emotions engendered by the sacred object. The robe could not be removed from her grasp, so she was buried with it. The place where she is buried with Christ's robe is preserved in the Cathedral Svetitskhoveli. 


9. Europe’s highest settlement 


Tushetian village Bochorna and Svanetian commune Ushguli  at 2300 m is the highest are Europe’s highest permanently inhabited settlements, Svaneti is known for its superb house-towers, most dating back to the 12-13th centuries, which spring up from the rocky valley floor like miniature castles. 


 10. Europe’s most diverse and untouched nature  


Buffered by the Caucasus Mountains, and benefiting from the ameliorating effects of the Black Sea, the region appears to have served as a bio-geographical refugium. These geographic features spared the Southern Caucasus from the severe climatic oscillations and allowed humans to prosper throughout much of the region for millennia. 

Although only 69,700 square km, Georgia’s biodiversity is immense: subtropical marshes, semi-deserts, lofty alpine meadows and mighty snow-covered peaks can all be found within a hundred km of each other. There are more than 40 protected areas. 


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